2014 Instructors

Thommy Thacker


Shooting Professionally Since 2001

Tommy Thacker has dedicated over fifteen years supporting our 2nd Amendment rights by successfully building on positions in the firearms industry that have spanned retail sales and management, gunsmith and refurbishing, and product research and development. He is also a nationally ranked competitive shooter, certified firearms instructor, and small business owner, and has served as the inaugural Captain of FNH USA’s award winning shooting team. Tommy won the 2012 Rumble on the Range and the 3 Gun Nation Championship.

Sponsors include; Loudoun Guns, PWS, Velocity Systems, Leupold, Sport Ear, MGM Targets, Safariland, Timney, Xrail, and Deployable Systems.


Greg Jordan


Shooting Professionally Since 2007

Greg’s competition career started in August 2007 when he was invited to the range by a friend of his Dad to check out a USPSA match.Up to this point Greg had been shooting his entire life, but never in any sort of formal competition. Heading to the range that day he did not know what to expect. After watching the match for a short time he was hooked. Greg was invited back to the club for a practice session where the hook was sunk even deeper. Since that day Greg has competed in USPSA matches and has recently ventured out into the sport of 3 gun, to which he now dedicates all his practice time to. Greg found 3 gun to be a better fit for him in that it allows him to train and stay proficient with all three weapons which also benefits him in his career as a law enforcement officer. Not only has 3 gun made Greg a more well rounded shooter, he feels that the lessons that  he’s  learned from the sport  can be passed on to the officers that he trains on a daily basis.

Dean Deturk


Deturk first began competing in USPSA pistol events, and then started shooting rifle and 3 Gun events.  He especially enjoys the variety and physical challenges that 3 gun matches present to the shooter.  During Dean’s free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, especially taking them to the range and passing on the tradition and enjoyment of shooting.   Dean believes that hard work and dedication will payoff, and that success can come to anyone willing to put in the time to improve themselves.

Larry Houck


Larry has competed in many major firearms competition events and has numerous Nation, Regional, State and local wins to his credit.


 Tabor Bright


(Photo is Tabor with a junior camper who is attending this year’s camp because of  Tabor’s encouragement.)

Eastern Regional Sales Manager with FNH USA.

Avid shooter
Single Parent
25+ years in the firearms industry, starting behind the counter in a small retail store at 16 years old and is now working for the Title sponsor of 3 Gun Nation, FNH USA. When Tabor finds the time to shoot a match he enjoys shooting the Heavy Metal Class in 3 Gun and the Limited class in local pistols matches. Tabor is very passionate about about spending time on the range with children of all ages teaching them the skills of using firearms and being proficient with them.

Supported By: FNH USA – Leupold – MGM Targets – Safariland – ERGO Grips – West Coast Choppers


Past Instructors:

Craig Outzen

Outzen Shotgun Header

He is a professional Fireman/Paramedic with the rank of Captain working for the Unified Fire Authority in Salt Lake County UT.  He is also a Reserve Officer for the Unified Police Department.  His drive to excel and perform at the highest level has resulted in extensive time spent assigned to specialty units in both departments, spending several years in the UFA’s Heavy Rescue Program and serving as a SWAT Team member for UPD.

A lifetime firearms enthusiast, he began shooting action pistol matches and eventually shot his first multigun match in 2006.   The unlimited challenge and complexity of 3 Gun soon grew to occupy not only his sole shooting focus, but the entirety of his free time away from work.  Focusing on his passion for 3 Gun and his drive for performance, Craig has become one of the best multigun shooters in the nation.   Qualifying for the Inaugural 3 Gun Nation Championship in 2010 and posting strong finishes in 2011 season, became one of the 64 individuals chosen to comprise the 2012 3 Gun Nation Pro Series.